Hi, I’m Limor
I teach Canadian first time home buyers how to avoid being screwed over and making costly mistakes in order to purchase the home of their dreams.

For the first time, Canadians have access to comprehensive unbiased real estate guidance!
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The Home Purchasing Secrets Course Is For You If You...
  •  Aren't familiar with the process of buying a home
  • Believe that the best person to guide you is a realtor, but you realize they have their own agenda too
  • Have heard countless horror stories about real estate professionals taking advantage of buyers
  • Don't have the confidence that you can navigate through the jargon and conflicting information
  • Are concerned that you might fall into industry traps that will cost you a lot of money
  • Appreciate the advice from your family, but when they bought real estate years ago, things were different
  • Lie awake at night thinking about how stressful it is to buy your first home
  • Realize that what you don't know about buying a home could cost you
  • Don't want to make a mistake in the BIGGEST PURCHASE OF YOUR LIFE!
What Limor's Students Say About Working with Her:
"When we first came into the real estate world we did not know what we were doing. With the support of Limor, who guided us through the problems, we were able to write a purchase agreement and contract that helped us be in control."

Derrick Lo
- Calgary
"We started our home purchasing journey by looking for advice online, but there was so much conflicting information. Limor provided the answers we were looking for about the process. We just bought the home of our dreams!"
Gabi Brito & Victor Cartagena
- Mississauga
"Before working with Limor, I was a bit overwhelmed. It was hard to know what information I could trust; I was powerless as a buyer. Her strong suggestion to get a pre-purchase home inspection, enabled us to negotiate the price when I recently purchased my first home!"
Kate Morantz
- Toronto
Real Estate Investor & Money Expert
Limor worked for over a decade marketing financial products before beginning her journey into real estate. With a goal of generating passive income, she was able to leave her six figure corporate job with real estate funding her life within 2.5 years.

Today, Limor has investments in Ontario, Manitoba as well as Alberta. She has been teaching real estate investing seminars across the country and helping first time home buyers purchase their dream homes.

Limor supports her students on their purchases and has reviewed more than 100 purchase and sale offers, and more than 300 real estate deals across Canada. 
Want the step by step process to buy your first home and avoid the costly mistakes most people make?
Taught in Plain English and Guaranteed Jargon Free
Inside The Course:
This Six Week Intensive Online Course Teaches You Everything You Need To Know About Buying Your First Home!
The Modules Includes:
Mapping The Most Exciting Journey… Becoming a home owner!
Preparing yourself for the emotional journey ahead
- Introduction to the real estate process in Canada 
- How to be the boss and ensure no real estate professional pushes you around
- How to choose a home realizing that your first home isn't your forever home
- The difference between buyer's and seller's markets and how to navigate both
- Property types and elements to look out for in  condos, town houses and single family homes
- What you need to know about purchasing a pre-construction home 

Gas Up Before You Go… be financially prepared for what’s to come
- The financial benefits of homeownership 
- Understanding the downpayment and it's true costs
- When and why you need default insurance
- Making the most of the RRSP Home Buyer's Plan
- Available credits and rebate to ease the financial burden 
- Why strong credit is essential
- Calculating the cost of your new lifestyle and owning a home
Choosing Your Navigators… don’t let anyone steer you astray
- Introducing the real estate professionals you'll need
- Meet your Mortgage Broker (vs. using your bank)
- Understanding the complexities of mortgages and how to choose the right one
- Mortgage pre-qualification vs. mortgage pre-approval
- Qualifying the property for financing 
- Meet your Realtor 
- How to choose and work with a realtor including understanding their fees and contracts
Backseat Drivers… who to listen and who to let into the car
- Meet your Lawyer
- How to choose and work with a lawyer especially if you plan to  side-step a realtor
- Meet your Insurance Broker
- How to select an insurance broker and the ways they can save you money
- Meet your Home Inspector
- What you need from the inspector to further negotiate the purchase price after the inspection
- Meet your Accountant
- Understand how the initial purchase set up can affect your future taxes
Packing For The Journey… house hunting, submitting offers and negotiation
- What you need to know before submitting an offer
- The ins and outs of how the offer process works and what to expect
- Deciding what price and deposit amount to offer
- Determining the terms and conditions of your offer 
- How to successfully navigate bidding wars
- The difference in the process if you are buying from a private seller 
- The many levers of negotiation
Arriving at Your Destination… What Happens After An Offer Is Accepted
- Sending all the right documents to your real estate professional to close quickly
- Deciding on and securing your mortgage
- Selecting proper home (and auto) insurance coverage
- Taking money out of your RRSP Home buyer’s Plan 
- Setting up your property tax approach and understand if you need mortgage insurance 
- Working with your lawyer on title specifications
- Signing all the documents and closing
Bonus: Unpacking and Loving Where You Live… home ownership and beyond! 
- Doing regular maintenance and what is required
- Wills and estate planning since you now own a significant asset
- Rebuilding your emergency fund
- Disability and life insurance
- The financial benefits to paying off your mortgage faster and leveraging your HELOC
- Paying back the RRSP Home Buyer's Plan
- Continued support required from your real estate professionals
What Canadian Real Estate Industry Experts Are Saying About Limor:
George Dube
Real Estate Accountant, Tax Advisor & Author of 81 Financial and Tax Tips For the Canadian Real Estate Investors
"Limor is an experienced real estate investor and given the geographic diversity of her portfolio, she is well versed in varying provincial requirements. I have worked with Limor as her tax advisor on her real estate transactions and find she is methodical and detail-oriented."
Stefan Aarnio
Award Winning Real Estate Entrepreneur & Author of Money People Deal: The Fastest Way to Real Estate Wealth
"Limor is a very highly motivated and successful real estate investor with experience across numerous investing strategies. Her intellect, creativity and attention to detail are an impressive combination that enables her to seize opportunities not always visible to others." 
Victor Menasce
Real Estate Developer and Author of "Magnetic Capital"
"Limor is dedicated to teaching and helping people grow. It's something she practices on a daily basis. It's at her core. More importantly, she practices what she is teaching. Too many educators are only teaching. Limor actually does it."
When You Take This Course You Get:

Unbiased Information

You'll the good the bad and the ugly about every step required on the journey to home ownership including details that real estate professionals don't tell you.  There's no holding back!

Comprehensive Roadmap

A complete step by step roadmap which outlines the  process in chronological order enabling you to know what to expect, save you time and reduce the feeling of overwhelm. 

Worksheets and Checklists

Everything is laid out for you in ready to download worksheets and checklists to make the process of buying  a home as smooth as possible making sure you don't miss an important step.

Interview Guides

Complete interview guides for each  Real Estate Professional you'll select to support you.  Asking the right questions upfront can save you thousands of dollars and stress later on.
Additional Free Bonuses:
  • Free Bonus #1: Exclusive video interviews with nine distinguished real estate industry experts 
  • Free Bonus #2: Weekly Live Q&A sessions with Limor
  • Free Bonus #3: Cashflow For Home Buyers with Financial Planner & Cashflow Specialist
  • Free Bonus #4: Home Design Planning with A Highly Sought After Designer 
  • Free Bonus  #5: Private Facebook Group Community for Two Months 
  • Free Bonus #6: Movesnap Membership
What Limor's Students Say About Working with Her:
"My first purchase of a property was very stressful, trying to figure out if it’s the right time to buy or this is the right property. Limor helped me understand the nuances, calmed my nerves and provided tools to helped me to buy the right property. Her support was fantastic!" 
Jeremy Haber
- Toronto
"Limor’s knowledge is extensive when it comes to buying a house, she helped us every step of the way! We didn’t think that it was a possibility to purchase a home in the near future and Limor showed us that it was possible. We're now proud home owners!"

Cathy & Mark Paine
- Guelph

"Limor truly is an expert in the real estate business. She always found a way to get me through the bumps and I didn't realize that possibilities are endless in real estate. I am so thankful that she was on my side for this first time purchase."

Kim Eickmeier
- Toronto
Would you like to buy your first home with the support of a savvy real estate investor in your corner?
Taught By Someone Who Has Nothing To Gain But Helping You Buy Your Dream Home!
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